Akashic Metamorphosis


Learn how to access and channel the wisdom of your soul!

All have the innate ability to see life through the eyes of their soul.

Yet few consciously do…

Cultivating your ability to elevate and expand your consciousness –
And see beyond the limits of your everyday level of awareness –
Offers you access to ‘the Akashic Records’, a realm of consciousness that holds within them the complete knowing or ‘remembering’ of your soul.


We are all channelers – Discover the gift to access Your divine truth

Your soul knows and understands the truth of infinite possibility, our fundamental oneness, and the divine perfection inherent within all. Your soul has life-changing wisdom and divine healing energy to share that can empower you, liberate you from limiting beliefs, and emancipate your intrinsic love and divine creative power and potential.

Accessing and channeling the perspective of your soul is a powerful, practical tool that you can learn!

Interested in learning how to access and channel the perspective and divine healing energy of your soul yourself?

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Akashic Metamorphosis

An Akashic Records Practitioner Training, Intuitive Development Mentorship, and Spiritual Business Course❣️



Launching February 22nd, 2022


Join International Spiritual Teacher & Akashic Practitioner Trainer Daniela Gil for an empowering, consciousness-elevating training and transformational experience. “Akashic Metamorphoses” parallels the magical, miraculous transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly. The caterpillar, limited in its perspective, earth-bound, and unaware that it’s also a free-flying, beautiful butterfly – creates, from its own elements, the medium for its metamorphoses.. the chrysalis. From the chrysalis it evolves and emerges transformed, with its wings manifested, liberated, and a whole new perspective on and experience of life. 

This metamorphosis is symbolic of the transformation that regularly accessing and working with the perspective and divine healing energy of your soul catalyzes.


  • Learn how to access and channel the perspective and divine healing energy of your soul
  • Use this practice to transform your life
  • Connect more deeply with your nature as a powerful co-creator unified with all
  • Explore what is possible for you and and bring about the required healing, awareness, and shifts in beliefs and behaviors to realize these possibilities
  • Receive energetic transmissions and activations that serve to expand the capacity of your energy channels, clear blockages and stagnation, invoke an elevation of consciousness and activate your psychic sight and clair senses
  • Practice sharing these soul channeling’s with others and learn about becoming a channel and intuitive healing practitioner!

FeaturED Guest Teacher

Asil Toksal

Asil is an incredible healer and channel whose work I so love and appreciate! His work includes group energy alignment sessions and the channeling of celestial and angelic guides, both of which we’ll get to experience with him.

He’ll also be sharing with us about his channeling process, how he opened to channel, and how he harnesses his healing gifts.

His audience is typically hundreds or thousands, so this is a super special opportunity – to be able to learn and receive from him in such a small and intimate group container!

You can check out his work here.


  • You’re feeling called to develop your intuition and psychic sight and learn how to access and channel the wisdom and divine healing energy of your soul.
  • You’re ready to embrace your next level of spiritual evolution and empowerment.
  • You want to cultivate and share your spiritual gifts in service to all.
  • You feel a soul-level resonance and “yes!” in response to this opportunity and invitation!

Channel your true self


  • … Akashic activations, transmissions, and education that serve to cultivate your psychic sight, spiritual gifts, and capacity to access higher states of consciousness.
  • …an actively supportive, loving community that collectively creates an energetic container to support your evolution and empowerment. In this metamorphosing group, we’re invited to consciously direct our divine power in support of both our selves and each other.
  • …a sacred container (chrysalis) that catalyzes and holds your spiritual transformation… of which its results cannot be fully comprehended until they are lived.

It all begins and ends with you.

This training and mentorship is designed to activate the realization of your potential and gifts, and empower your whole-hearted sharing of your gifts with life.

In this experience of life, so much is possible, and it is possible through you. The perspective of your soul not only reminds you of this truth on an intellectual/mental level, it “shows” you in a way that leads to a sincere “knowing”.. where you embody it and live it.

It all begins and ends with you.

This is your invitation to step into more of what is possible for you and available to you here, as an infinite being incarnated into a magical, miraculous experience of life as a human on earth.

 If this invitation feels like a “YES!” to you, I’d love to receive your application and have you with us!

*All lives are recorded and you do not have to attend the weekly lives to take the training.

This training includes access to Daniela’s ‘Akashic Agents of Light’ community group where you will be invited to monthly Live calls to continue your Akashic training and practice following the initial training. 




- Copyright Daniela Gil -

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