See Through the Eyes of the Divine

How would your life change if you could see yourself through the eyes of the Divine?

Receive Revelatory Insight & Akashic Activations + Transmissions.

Join a live-streamed public transmission!

 We begin with a group Akashic reading, activation, and transmission, and follow with a Q+A where you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and receive channeled insight and guidance!

Book a one-on-one reading.

Support your spiritual growth and evolution with a one-on-one channeled reading, activation, and transmission. These sacred sessions are offered to you with utmost love and the heartfelt intention to catalyze your empowerment, elevation of consciousness, and embodiment of greater love, trust, and possibility.

Learn how to access and channel divine energy and wisdom yourself!

All have the innate ability to access higher (Akashic) perspective and channel Divine insight and energy. Learn this practical, powerful practice that activates people’s spiritual gifts; transforms lives; facilitates miracles; and so much more!

There is no limit to our spiritual power and potential. Learning how to access Akashic perspective and energy brings us closer to our true nature as infinite, creative beings, capable of all, and led by love, trust, and possibility.

I highly recommend taking this training! Daniela’s gentle presence, powerful, insightful guidance and professionally crafted training will open your heart and mind in profound ways!

This training has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life, far more than many other trainings that I have spent thousands of dollars on!”

— Lauren Aubrey, shared on her Facebook page

“Daniela’s training is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. She has created the most loving and supportive space for learning, exploration, and personal transformation. Just by being in the higher frequencies of the Akash, together with the group, I experienced deep healing, remembrance, and true alignment with my soul – one I can’t really put into words. 

If you feel called to this training, trust there is a reason. Everyone’s experience is so deeply personal, and the gifts continue on long after the course is complete.  The possibilities are truly infinite! Thank you, Daniela <3”

— Sara Hopman

Hi, I’m Daniela


And my life’s greatest joy and honor is to share these sacred gifts with you.

I’m a gifted psychic intuitive and spiritual teacher, known as the ‘psychic’s psychic’ and ‘healer’s healer’. My offerings are shared with you with the intent of empowering you and supporting you in embodying greater love, trust, and possibility.

You can learn more about me and my story here.

Daniela has quite literally changed my life for the better and was the catalyst for me having the confidence to start my new business. Her intuition is spot on and her insight into the Akashic Records has helped me take a deeper look into myself in the best possible way. She is truly a gift to all of us and it has been a pleasure and an honor to work with her.” 

— Kittie D.

Daniela’s Akashic Record Reading was a profound experience. I am forever grateful for her loving guidance and sacred information that she shared with me. It was more than just a reading. She helped me to heal deep wounds with family members and find space for more self-love. What a gift! I highly recommend Daniela.

— Maria M.

Daniela is insightful with the perfect balance of grace, directness, love and wisdom. She has an enormous toolbox of resources in her hands and heart, with amazing breath work skills to boot! If you need guidance in your life, this is your woman!!! She can support you fully.

— Eliana Maharani, shared on Facebook

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Close your eyes and allow Daniela to elevate and expand your consciousness as she guides you into the Akashic Realm. Enter your email to receive this MP3 Activation.   

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Get a Free Guided Akashic Activation

Close your eyes and allow Daniela to elevate and expand your consciousness as she guides you into the Akashic Realm.

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