“Recently I experienced one of the most expansive, joyful, clearing, centering and amplifying trainings of my life with Daniela Gil and her Akashic Records practitioner training. 

I chose to do this training after experiencing multiple life-changing readings from Daniela, with the desire to access this space on my own for personal healing, channeled writing and to offer readings to others.

Daniela lovingly guided us through the process of accessing the records by communicating with the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. I felt safe, loved, empowered and inspired in Daniela’s presence and throughout the training. We practiced accessing the records and feeling and understanding the difference between our intuition and the even broader energetic insights the records offer. 

As someone who channels regularly already, I was amazed to see the difference. 

I am so grateful to have attended this training in every way. Daniela is such a unique, beautiful and powerful soul, and by the end of the training I felt empowered to access the records on my own (which I have done many times since).”

— Shared on Instagram by @Allisun

“Daniela’s training is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. She has created the most loving and supportive space for learning, exploration, and personal transformation. Just by being in the higher frequencies of the Akash, together with the group, I experienced deep healing, remembrance, and true alignment with my soul – one I can’t really put into words. 

Throughout the course I felt no pressure, no rush, no right or wrong, and no expectations. Instead, Daniela set a foundation of great expansion, rooted in Divine Love. Daniela’s devotion to aligning with Source in service to Life is a permission slip that I continue to use over and over again. 

My biggest takeaway from this training was learning how to TRUST myself, not only while working in the records, but always. This has resulted in major clarity in every area of my life. I am now navigating my daily life with so much more ease than ever before because I trust myself, I trust my intuition, I trust my inner voice, and I trust the guidance I’m receiving. I wasn’t even aware of how much I used to doubt myself, until I learned to trust myself.

If you feel called to this training, trust there is a reason. Everyone’s experience is so deeply personal, and the gifts continue on long after the course is complete.  The possibilities are truly infinite! Thank you, Daniela <3”

— Sara Hopman

I would like to share with you an incredible, life changing opportunity to learn to access The Akashic Records. Accessing The Akashic Records is having access to the most extraordinary spiritual guidance and high vibrational energy, whenever you desire.  It allows you to transform your life by seeing the higher (akashic) perspective of your beliefs, circumstances, habits and whatever may be limiting you from experiencing total alignment and harmony. The energy of the records alone is a blissful, transformational experience that raises your vibration, brings peace and aligns you to your highest potential.

Daniela is truly the most pure, clear and loving channels I know and her offerings are an experience of divine grace, profound wisdom and transformational love.  I have experienced both her readings and Practitioner Training and could not recommend them enough if you are looking to further your spiritual journey, align more to your higher self and connect deeply and effortlessly with source. The training has allowed me to experience an incredible flow of divine insight, perceptive and high vibrational energy, on a consistent, daily basis. Accessing the records allows me to experience greater alignment, high states of bliss and harmony and receive invaluable insight into my life and the lives of others. It is immensely helpful skill to have on one’s own personal spiritual journey and if you desire, to help others on theirs. 

Her work has changed numerous lives and I know it will continue to transform many more. If you would like to heighten your intuition, connection to source and experience magic, please check out this special opportunity!”

— Amber Rose, shared on her Facebook Page

Daniela was recommended to me by a really close friend. To say she is gifted is an understatement. Daniela is an extraordinary practitioner whose readings empower you to move forward unlocking your highest potential for the good of all in your life and of humanity. Getting readings and training from her has allowed me to reach higher levels of consciousness, as well as heal from past traumas; breaking stories and limiting belief systems that no longer serve me. Working with Daniela has been transformative. She is a beacon of Love who sheds light in the darkest corners of your soul allowing you to rediscover the truth of your own perfection. I am forever grateful, thank you Daniela.”

— Sky Hardison, shared on her Facebook page

I highly recommend taking this training! Daniela’s gentle presence, powerful, insightful guidance and professionally crafted training will open your heart and mind in profound ways!

Speaking from personal experience, this training changed my life professionally and personally in HUGE ways. I have made so many vital connections with new friends and soul mates, traveled internationally, increased my ability to serve my clients, enjoyed deeper connection to myself and others, gained more confidence in my ability to facilitate and hold loving space for groups….and perhaps the biggest by-product from receiving the wisdom fo the Akash, is that I have healed my relationship with my parents, opening up so much more space for love to flow into and from my heart!

This training has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life, far more than many other trainings that I have spent thousands of dollars on!”

“I can’t say enough to express my gratitude for Daniela Gil and this practitioner training! It has served me in so many ways. Mostly, I feel a renewed sense of connection to Divine Source… I can truly feel it and access it consistently. During the last month, this connection has started to become stronger through practicing and offering readings for others as well as for myself…

If you find yourself stuck in a cycle of un-helpful belief/behavior patterns and you are wanting to call in more abundance and love in your life through healing these old patterns, this is the course for you! For me personally, it has also started to unfold as my calling and career path. People use the records for all sorts of different things though, not necessarily to teach it or give readings. For example, I’ve also found it extremely useful for increasing my creative flow as well, especially for dance, writing and making art. AND for business/planning and more practical aspects of my life too! Not to mention a heightened and more accurate intuition that I had been ignoring in the past. When intuition becomes aligned with your soul’s purpose, life becomes a whole lot easier and MORE FUN!

Whatever your purpose, the Akashic Records have the potential to change your life, through recognizing your own abundant light and empowering you to do something about it! As for Daniela Gil, she is a most wonderful, sweet and supportive guide. Please send me a DM if you have more questions about the training and my personal experience with learning to use the records, I’m happy to gush anytime!”

— Lauren Aubrey, shared on her Facebook page

Daniela Gil has some very expansive and in depth training. As a practicing healer of 5 years I felt like I’d plateaued, I found a glass ceiling and wanted more out of my work. I wanted to offer my clients the next level. Since Hogwarts is so far away, I needed something accessible and Daniela made that happen with her online Akashic Records Practitioner course that I took in April of this year.

2019 has been a whirlwind of loss, grief, transformation, healing and great expansion in all areas of my life. Utilizing the methods and tools she taught me I have navigated this intense gateway with ease and grace as I align with my highest vibrational timeline.

I am eternally grateful for meeting her, learning from her and bathing in the love consciousness that she offers from her radiant heart. Not exaggerating, this woman is so for real.”

— Elizabeth Camp, shared on her Facebook page


Daniela Gil has transformed my life! My first session with her unlocked my true essence that years of disappointment and heartache from not having answers had held me prisoner to. I immediately felt free and known! Since then my work with her has propelled me forward into living the life I’ve always wanted! Everyday I wake up thinking I can’t believe this is my life! She opened my eyes to the magic all around and within me. I’ve learned more about self love and real beauty from her than any book or lecture has ever taught me. Her joy, enthusiasm, and radiant LOVE is contagious! She is a gift to this world. Truly. If you want to improve your life, find peace, and fall in love with yourself, schedule an akashic record reading with Daniela!! You will not regret it!

— Jalie K, YELP Review

I have had several readings with different psychics over the last few years and none of those readings compare to the Akashic record readings I have had with Daniela. Saying that her readings have brought me clarity and healing is an understatement as her readings have truly transformed me. She speaks with such elegance and love that you just can’t help but be amazed by her. Daniela is so kind, genuine, loving, and experienced. I recommend her to anyone who is in need of guidance or healing.”

— Daniela P, Yelp Review

Daniela and her work have inspired great changes in me that I know are only just beginning. I met her in a group Akashic Records reading about a month ago, and I felt compelled to work with her one-on-one. As a healer myself, I am very picky about who I open up to, but I felt immediately comforted by her. She literally radiates unconditional love. She has a unique ability to help you tap in to your own spiritual nature and see an elevated perspective about whatever situation you are trying to process/heal. Plus the energy that comes through is incredibly transformative. I love to record our sessions and listen back to them later since there are so many gems of wisdom, and again the energy is so healing. She helps you make sense of the crazy world we live in and how to find your place and your joy in this world. She transmutes so much so effortlessly, it’s really a gift if you are processing any sort of trauma or emotional heaviness, or even if you just feel stuck. Last week I was at a breaking point in my relationship and ready to give up, we just couldn’t communicate in a healthy way. Daniela did a couple’s reading for us and we were able to finally see each other’s perspective as well as a spiritual one. I noticed the changes in myself and my partner immediately, and since then it’s felt like we’re back in the honeymoon phase, but with a deeper understanding of why we are in each other’s lives and what we can each bring to the relationship. We can finally appreciate each other for who we are and learn to work together as a team. She helped us save our relationship. Every aspect of my life has blossomed since starting my work with her, and I’m overjoyed to see where it will go. People keep telling me that I look great and seem genuinely happy and how proud they are of my personal growth and development. I feel like I’m shedding years of stuff that isn’t mine, and getting to the core of who I really am. I would (and do!) refer her to anyone and everyone.

— Kristin P, Yelp Review

Daniela has quite literally changed my life for the better and was the catalyst for me having the confidence to start my new business. Her intuition is spot on and her insight into the Akashic Records has helped me take a deeper look into myself in the best possible way. Her healing talents extend from reiki to breathwork to Akashic Records to yoga and life coaching. She is truly a gift to all of us and it has been a pleasure and an honor to work with her.

— Kittie D, Yelp Review

Daniela’s Akashic Record Reading was a profound experience. I am forever grateful for her loving guidance and sacred information that she shared with me. It was more than just a reading. She helped me to heal deep wounds with family members and find space for more self-love. What a gift! I highly recommend Daniela.

— Maria M, Yelp Review

I am so so grateful to have found Daniela. It was as if I was brought to her out of pure fate. I had planned to do a 30 min. session at first, however I couldn’t resist but to do an entire hour session because she is THAT GOOD. Out of everything I have done in the esoteric arts and healing realm, having my Akashic records read by Daniela has been by far the most healing & clarifying modality I have ever experienced. I can’t believe it took me this long to finally explore the records and get so much life direction I had been longing for. I will continue to recommend her to all those who are curious and searching for their life purpose and calling. Thank you so much Daniela!! Forever my fairy realm sister.”

— Valery S, Yelp Review

Homegirl is the real fluffing deal. Daniela helped me navigate what was handily one of the most turbulent chapters of my life by providing insight, wisdom, and compassion from the akashics. It’s been fascinating to watch her insights play out. I recommend her to all my friends IRL… now I get to recommend her to you, internet stranger! (If you’re this deep on the Yelp reviews of an akashic record practitioner, you owe it to yourself to at least try, right??)

— Cady M, Yelp Review

Daniela has helped transform my life from career to, most importantly, how I hold myself. All kinds of amazing gems are raining into my life right now as a result of that!! Her intuitive and heartfelt ways allow us to go deep, incredibly deep, without triggering uncomfortable feelings of being judged even when she’s calling out any misalignments, which is something she is not afraid to do! Let me tell you. With Daniela, there is only truth, high-vibing perspective and love. I have had several Akashic readings with her, and when you combine Daniela with the power of the Akashic, her clarity and insight is eerily accurate and powerful. If you are at a place that could use shift, clarity, drive, momentum, I can’t recommend her enough. I say go for it, and get ready to change your world for the better!

— Luke N, Yelp Review

“Yesterday I received a blessing to sit down in the tall grass of spring before a precious living embodiment of the Goddess to receive an akashic record reading by the lovely Daniela Gil.
The experience was that of having an angel see you through the eyes of unconditional Love in the totality your fullness, all levels & layers of self – the shadow & the light, and remind you of everything the True Master within already knows but has often forgotten or buried in amnesia. 

You will leave the session with a sense of the immensity and profundity of your unique existence, a holistic vision of certainty about what to release and what to cultivate within your being and lifestyle, feeling expansive and empowered, aligned, aware, anchored in the fullness of all that you bring to the table. I will repeat a video recording of Daniela’s satsang every evening as I’m falling asleep to continue reminding myself of her inspired celebratory life-affirming revelations to fully reprogram my mind for actualizing my highest potential and reverse the damaging habituated imprint of negative conditioning and limiting belief systems.

I highly recommend in person readings with Daniela as so much of the transmission is received through not just her words, but entrainment with the grace and presence of her full being and the love stream flowing through her deep gaze. Also, the joyride through the exquisite nature landscapes of Topanga to arrive at her charming serene fairytale cottage is a mind-altering healing journey in and of itself! She is a wise articulate mystic devoted to cultivating love, healing and consciousness: the oracle of Topanga.” 

— Tatiana Olga Rodeiro, shared on Facebook.

I have had several healing sessions with Daniela in the Akashic Records. Although there isn’t an option on YELP to appropriately describe what it is she does, she actually is one of the most gifted pyschic readers I know. She doesn’t use tarot or divination tools – she instead connects through your MTLO’s (masters teachers loved ones) who exist in the beyond. Through her, they provide guidance, direction, and clarity on your most important life’s work. I felt layers of healing in each session, which continued far beyond the session was over. Daniela is so full of unconditional love, she will also allow you to record your session so that you can play it back later. The healing I have received through her readings are by far the most helpful thing I have done for myself in my healing journey. I want to mention that because I am an Energy worker, and practice reiki on myself and clients daily, but have needed some extra guidance connecting to Source guidance. This has been a great modality for me , compassionate , gentle, and I felt comfortable releasing during & after the session. Thank you Daniela 🙂

— April P, Yelp Review

Daniela is Amazing !! Extremely professional, sensitive and assertive. I ended the session feeling grateful, blessed and totally aware of who I am, and where I’m going… Thank you Daniela for a life changing experience and for a unique spiritual connection! Be ready for Greatness!!

— Sandra P, Yelp Review

To be honest, words don’t do this powerful soul justice. In fact, words typically get in the way of the underlying feeling. But I’ll do my best… I knew my one question for the year was “who am I?” And when I set that intention, the universe responded comically fast and sent me Daniela.

After a few sessions, I now feel more clarity and inspiration surrounding my life purpose than ever before. I now KNOW how to allow all my dreams and desires to come to fruition. I’ve always known that I was born to create meaningful change in the world, but it wasn’t until I met Daniela that the puzzle pieces began to beautifully come together. I recommend Daniela to ANYONE on the path of greater self-knowing. Thank you Daniela, for all that you do for this world and it’s people. More LOVE!

— Ian H., Yelp Review

Daniela Gil is the most wonderful person ever. She has a very gentle energy and a amazing way of comforting people during her sessions. If you or anyone is looking for clarity on big questions in your life. Run don’t walk go and see her!!! Love you Daniela 🙂

— Ariana R, Yelp Review

I was Blown away at the accuracy of her readings. She is such a sweet, lovely women. I felt at ease when working with her and totally taken care of! Thank you again Daniela!

— Chris P, Yelp Review

Daniela Gil gives incredible, insightful readings. I’ve received the gift of two readings from Daniela, and they’ve been helpful for the moment and even listening to them months after and discovering new things. Thank you Daniela! Looking forward to my next reading.”

— Myke A, Yelp Review

Daniela is insightful with the perfect balance of grace, directness, love and wisdom. She has an enormous toolbox of resources in her hands and heart, with amazing breath work skills to boot! If you need guidance in your life, this is your woman!!! She can support you fully.

— Eliana Maharani, shared on Facebook

Daniela is an extremely talented Akashic Records Reader. This is an energy healing modality that moves through the words that you exchange with your practitioner. It could be likened to a therapy session, but the energy that moves through makes it inconceivably more powerful and therapeutic. Working with her has literally changed my life. She holds the safest and most accepting space to process literally anything that you are going through. Please reach out to her if you are going through anything that requires healing. It can be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. I guarantee you will not regret it.

— Kristin Price, shared on Facebook

Participant experiences in Daniela’s Breathwork Ceremonies:

“I had never heard of breathwork before stumbling upon Daniela’s breathwork classes. Until recently, I had never really delved into meditation. I had no expectations, but I was searching for something to clear some serious energetic blockages in my life. I had been going through a dramatic turning point—dropping out of law school, moving back with my parents, switching careers to “anywhere-but-here” and self-medicating (again)—in which I found myself in a confused position of starting over in desultory directions. I soon realized I needed to heal if I were to genuinely move forward with my life.

My first breathwork circle was a tremendously powerful, ethereal experience. Daniela’s guided breathwork allowed me to feel the deepest parts of my subconscious with the immensely strong build up of prana, or life force energy. I was astounded at the power behind Daniela’s simple breathwork technique, and breath, overall!

When in savasana, the tightening of my hands and feet that had been painfully straining my body for an interminable seven minutes was suddenly released of all tension. I was overcome with an uncontrollable stream of tears from a remarkable sense of relief from all pain, anxiety, anger, and fear. It felt as if my depression was released by a profound sense of love and appreciation for myself, all beings in the world, and the world itself. The sensation felt as if the gates of my closed-off heart were released by this extraordinary, intense force of energy that Daniela aptly compared to that of the flow of a river. I felt divinely connected to all worlds, in that I was able to sense the presence of my deceased aunt and great-grandma (un-intentionally!). I sincerely sensed a deep interconnectedness with the Universe in which I was overcome with immense gratitude and joy. As I lay crying with a giant, ear-to-ear grin on my face and my eyes closed entranced by a technicolor, visionary spectacle, I felt a strong, intimate connection with universal energy and my cosmic oneness that was a powerful influence on all levels—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

After my fourth breathwork experience and a soul-provoking Akashic record reading, I sincerely believe my life changed 180 degrees in the matter of a week. Daniela, not only created a safe space, but the opportunity to remove intense emotional, mental, spiritual and physical blockages through the experience of higher states of consciousness. After a dozen therapists and a million self-help strategies, I have never experienced more profound healing and effective transformation as quickly or as powerfully than I have with Daniela and the positive influence of her breathwork circles.

All with an open-mind, I have healed from deep-rooted emotional traumas, and (finally) live happily as my healthiest, most authentic self. I confidently carry out my life purpose as an artist and lightworker; I can humbly say that my depression is now a fond memory. I would not have been able to truly heal, nor discover my soul mission and life purpose, without Daniela’s gifted spiritual guidance and inspiring breathwork circles. Even though a few paragraphs cannot fully express how immensely transformative my experience with Daniela has been, I wanted to share my honest experience for those who also seek to discover their spiritual identity—or simply, inner peace. Daniela is, not only a brilliant breathwork facilitator and an awesome healing arts practitioner, but she is an incredible individual who has made a tremendously positive impact in my life. I cannot claim to have reached Enlightenment, but I am more enlightened, free, and the happiest I ever have been because I no longer cling to the pains of the past. My world of possibilities is infinitely greater than it was before stumbling upon breathwork, and in turn, my true self. Thank you, Daniela, for helping me learn to love life (and myself) again.

— Kat Castaneda

Daniela’s Breathwork Workshop was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. The magnitude of energy in the room is so intense that for a minute it might seem slightly discomforting, but through Daniela’s gentle facilitation you cease to resist, allowing your body and mind to let go of old patterns that are no longer serving you or pent up energies that somehow got blocked and stuck.

The feeling you get from allowing the energy to freely flow through you is nothing short of euphoria, a feeling which last well into the following day. I have also had the pleasure of having my first Akashic Record Reading with Daniela. The information presented to me in this reading was spot on, filling in missing pieces, and allowing me to view my life with a new sense of transparency. She has helped me along my spiritual journey with a gentleness and kindness I admire. Daniela is a beacon for clarity and guidance in all of life’s dilemmas, I am so grateful for her and her gifts. Thank you Daniela, truly.”

— Tori Voges

- Copyright Daniela Gil -

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