Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts

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Do you feel like you have such powerful and precious gifts to share with world,
yet you experience resistance, procrastination, or fear when it comes to cultivating, creating and sharing them?

This transmission series is designed to align you with moving forward on the sharing of your gifts. Learn:
– The necessary foundations for sharing your gifts (once these are in place, it will feel aligned and natural to share your gifts!)
– How to navigate fears around sharing your gifts, and how to bring light to the unconscious factors that may be keeping you from sharing your gifts.
– How to share in a way that deeply impacts and benefits others, as well as provides fulfillment and prosperity for yourself.
– About leadership and stepping into the role of guide / teacher / facilitator / coach / etc.
and much more!

In part 3 of this series, Daniela is joined by angelic channel & spiritual teacher, Asil Toksal!

This transmission series is shared with you with the intention of empowering you in the sharing of the divine gifts within you.



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