Akashic Transmission February 5th

Sunday, Feb 5th @ 09:00am – 10:00am HST
11am PST, 2pm EST



You’re invited to this live Akashic Transmission on Zoom with Daniela. 😍 🥳 🔮 🙏

Experience the expansion, empowerment, and elevation of consciousness that Akashic energy and perspective catalyzes!

What Akashic energy and perspective can do for you:

✨ Illuminate the unconscious beliefs responsible for your “blocks” and expand what is possible for you.
✨ Elevate your consciousness & raise your vibration as you naturally attune to the Akashic energy and perspective.
✨ Offer relevant and empowering psychic insight and perspective. People often experience the channeling as directly relevant to their lives, as if it were a message just for them!

These calls are offered to you as a gift.. donations are never expected but always appreciated. 🥰 If you’d like to support this work, you may do so via PayPal here and Venmo: @daniela-gil.

Much Love Akashic Family and Thank You❣️

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