Accessing Vitalizing Perspective


A Recorded Event on Mars Retrograde & the Akashic Records
with Daniela Gil and Sabrina Monarch



Mars retrograde is a spiritually significant transit where we are often compelled to adjust & refine our gameplay in life.

Mars retrogrades can be like a Shakespearean moment of the actor (you) pausing on stage while the scene freezes, to deliver a soliloquy reflecting on the challenge, impasse, tension & mythic opportunity of the moment. We slow down to consider what course of action is relevant and helpful for our evolution at this time.

We want to make magic in this space of tension – slow down with it and find the offering inside of it. Call in a vision here. ‍♀️

Mars retrogrades can be times of learning how to refine our relationship with this planet – perhaps taking action where we’ve been passive, trying a different strategy, or becoming more collected and intentional in places we’ve tended to be rash and reactive.

Mars will spend seven months in the sign of Gemini (late August 2022 – late March 2023), retrograde October 30 in Gemini and aspect the planet of Spirit & dreams, Neptune in Pisces, throughout the retrograde.

This recorded workshop brings together friends, collaborators & ultra-Pisceans Daniela Gil and Sabrina Monarch for an experience that we hope will illuminate so much inspiration & spiritual vitality in your life!

Evolutionary astrologer Sabrina Monarch will offer a transmission about the Mars retrograde & the relationship between Mars & Neptune and offer insight on how we can participate with this Martian season in a life-enhancing way.

Akashic Records Practitioner Trainer Daniela Gil will offer an introduction to the practice of accessing the Akashic Records & create the space in the event for everyone to open their own records and reflect on how the Mars retrograde is showing up for you.

This workshop is designed to support you in deepening your relationship with time, cosmos, Akashic perspective, and yourself.

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