Daniela Gil

In Loving Devotion to You

It would be an honor to share a reading with you. If you’re feeling inspired to experience an Akashic Record reading with me, you can book a session here:

Daniela is an International Spiritual Teacher renown for the clarity with which she channels the Akashic Records. She is “the psychic’s psychic” and “the healer’s healer” – working with and training many spiritual teachers, coaches, wellness practitioners and esteemed figures in the fields of spirituality and self-development.

The first time Daniela said a prayer to access the Akashic Records, her body and mind were flooded with immense love and a powerful divine healing energy which radically changed her. Since then, she has devoted her life to sharing Akashic perspective in service to humanity’s empowerment, elevation of consciousness, and embodiment of greater love, trust and possibility.

Daniela travels internationally to share Akashic Practitioner Trainings, retreats, and speaking engagements. It is her life’s greatest honor and joy to share with you, via one-on-one Akashic sessions; guiding you in accessing the Akashic Records yourself, and offering transmissions via Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

Learn how to access the Akashic Records

Join Daniela for an empowering, consciousness-elevating training and transformational experience. “Akashic Metamorphosis” parallels the magical, miraculous transformation of the caterpillar into the butterfly.

This metamorphosis is symbolic of the transformation that regularly accessing and working with Akashic perspective catalyzes.

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